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The JoeTourist weather station is no longer operational

Thank you for your past use of this service

This weather station was first available in June 2000, when the only other weather station was 25 kilometres away at Victoria Airport. In subsequent years, the weather station at Victoria Harbour went online, and the University of Victoria's School-Based Weather Station Network now provides excellent coverage for the whole Greater Victoria area. So when some of my weather station equipment failed on September 12, 2014, I decided it was time to close down, rather than invest in new equipment.

This website will remain in operation for the time being, so historical data is available for those interested - please click on Summaries. I will also continue to operate my web cam, and links to external weather services such as regional radar, weather satellites, and other weather web cams will be maintained.


Web Cam - showing up-to-the-minute sky conditions for Victoria


Radar map for the Pacific Northwest


Satellites - GOES weather satellites covering the west coast of Canada


Summaries - summary reports for today, this month, this year and last year

Forecasts for the Victoria area
Victoria Weather - AccuWeather - current conditions, extended forecasts by AccuWeather, a private weather service
Weather Forecast for Victoria - Environment Canada's 5 day Forecast, current conditions at the airport, etc.

Tide table for Victoria, British Columbia (unofficial)




PLEASE NOTE: SI units (metric) are now used for all weather station recordings starting in 2008.
Please refer to
Summaries page for details.

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