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Please note that the following service outages will affect summary reports:

bulletAug 19, 2014 - humidity sensor replaced after experiencing low readings from a defective sensor for several months previously.
bulletDec 21-22, 2013 - an interruption in the ftp service on the server caused no updates to happen from 9PM on the 21st to 9:30PM on the 22nd. The weather station was operating normally despite the lack of connection, so no statistics were affected.
bulletMar 20-21, 2013 - from 6PM on the 20th to 9AM on the 21st the anemometer and wind direction were "stuck", resulting in erroneous readings
bullet Jun 1, 2011 - a new IP-based web cam was installed, restoring local real-time views to the SW from the Web Cam page
bullet Aug 20, 2010 - the local web cam was shut down in favour of using the web cam operated by the Royal BC Museum
bulletFeb 2 - Mar 9, 2009 - the weather station was down during this period, which affects all historical reports
bulletOct 22 - Nov 9, 2008 - the weather station was down during this period, which affects all historical reports
bulletOct 10 - Nov 11, 2008 - Weather webcam taken offline in order to stabilize the weather station server.
bulletJan 1, 2008 - Units for barometric pressure was changed to hPa and wind speed was changed to km/h. The weather station now displays all information in SI units (metric).
bulletDec 23, 2007 - The anemometer on the WX-200 has been intermittent for the last few weeks, and finally quit today. Anticipating a failure, a new Oregon Scientific WMR-968 weather station was already deployed and ready to go.
bulletFeb 14-16, 2005 - The weather station was out of commission between these two dates.  All summary data was affected.
bulletJuly 14-27, 2004 - anemometer was out of service.  Wind speed will not be accurate between these dates.  Wind direction was unaffected.




PLEASE NOTE: SI units (metric) are now used for all weather station recordings starting in 2008.
Please refer to
Summaries page for details.

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